by Trail of Lies

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released February 28, 2018


all rights reserved



Trail of Lies Syracuse, New York

Syracuse Straight Edge

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Track Name: Master Of My Destiny
As one walks their way through life
Enduring many feats of strife
One must show excessive force
And never stray from their current course

I am the master of my destiny

Hunger for strength - to overcome
Hunger for power - to control
Hunger for change - to succeed
One must have what it takes to push through

I am the master of my destiny

I've equipped myself with this warrior mentality
To live for greatness and die with integrity
Track Name: Run
You got what you want
I hope you're fucking happy
Knowing what you've done
Gives me some dark thoughts
Im gonna take you out
I'm gonna make you hurt
Never again will you
Cause my family pain

You crossed the line
So run for cover

Preying on innocent
Is your idea of fun
Men like you shouldn't
Live to tell the tale
You'll never hurt another again
You'll never prey again
Nothing you can do will
Ever change my mind

You crossed the line
So run for cover

Run and hide
Before I find you

Track Name: Next Generation
Ambition among my brothers, the feeling is contagious
We move in silence, our actions speak words
You can't deny the movement

We are the force of change
We are the bond of strength

Unity across the nation, together we accomplish so much more
I count on you, you count on me
We are the next generation

We are the force of change
We are the bond of strength

Break the mold that was set for us
Break the chains that hold us down

Be the change you aspire to be
Be the spark that ignites the future
Track Name: Ultradominance
I live a life of purity and discipline,
with a clear body and a clear mind.
I have no substances holding me back,
and live with control of my life.

Control your mind
Control your life

I've pledged my life with this sacred oath,
to live by means of self-liberation.
As a result of my dedication,
I remain the most dominant of all.

Control your mind
Control your life

When you feel alone in a crowd,
Your convictions will fight despair

The sacred oath
Track Name: God Of Rage
Tough situations being dealt constantly
How one handles them determines everything
The faint-hearted will cower in fear
But the strong will always persevere

Prepare for war
God of rage

Confront resistance with full force
Using discomfort as your fuel
Disguise your weakness and never show fear
Engage your primal rage and decimate

Destroy your enemies
Destroy your doubts
Engage your primal rage
And decimate
Track Name: Black Mirror
Connected to your hands, you cannot disconnect
You try to live your life, but it blurs your visibility
You pretend to know, the real world from a fantasy
But you live so far from reality

The black mirror will always see through you

Social senses impaired, physically declined
Self esteem diminishing, thank god for your followers
You always try to show this life that's full of fortune
But the truth is that you’re so far from it

The black mirror will always see through you
Track Name: Fight For Victory
Fear of failure, fear of defeat
This can drive a person mad
focus on your craft and never and settle for anything less

Fight For Victory

Set your goals, stake your claim
Fight harder than your rivalry
The mind is your most powerful weapon
Control, react and overcome

Fight For Victory

I walk a different path unknown to common men
Nothing will stand in my way with this aggressive mindset
Others dare not follow because they lack the ambition
I will always embrace this instinct to fight

Fight For Victory

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